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We are super excited to announce that we are an authorized retailer for Your Super mixes. for now we have the starter packs available. these are good for sampling the mixes before you purchase the full size bundle packs. 

You'll get A FREE** tote and detox booklet for the first 10 orders

your super products do not qualify for discounts at this time

 ***** See how easy and delicious superfoods can be with Your Super's Starter Pack!

The Starter Pack includes one sample size sachet for each of our 7 original superfood mixes:

  • Super Green mix - For immunity
  • Forever Beautiful mix - For healthy skin
  • Chocolate Lover mix - For a good mood
  • Power Matcha mix - For focus
  • Energy Bomb mix - For long-lasting energy
  • Muscle Power mix - For energy & plant protein
  • Skinny Protein mix - For healthy weight

Each sachet includes enough superfood powder for one serving - perfect for a week of superfood smoothies!