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Natural Body Butter

Natural Body Butter

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New Season Wellness all-natural body butter provides intensive hydration and helps maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier. It is formulated with natural ingredients, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.


Our Body Butter provides the perfect blend of nourishment and hydration for your skin, featuring shea butter for rich, lasting softness and moisture. Enjoy an all-natural, luxurious skin-care experience with no artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals. 

Enriched with cocoa butter, a natural, non-greasy moisturizer that helps restore and protect your skin, leaving it feeling softer, smoother, and younger-looking.

Infused with Sea Buckthorn oil, it provides long-lasting moisture and soothes dry, irritated skin. Enjoy soft, silky skin with every use!

Jojoba, an ingredient that penetrates the skin to improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Its emollient properties hydrate and nourish all skin types, leaving your body feeling soft and supple.


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