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Super Citrus is an expert blend of citrus peels, grapefruit, lemon and orange, blend perfectly with elderberry in our Citrus CBD capsule. 

Grapefruits are sometimes sweet but often sour members of the citrus family. Grapefruits aren’t even 300 years old; they are believed to be a hybrid of a sweet orange and a pomelo. When they were first discovered, horticulturalists thought it was an accident! They are full of vitamin A, vitamin C and the peels contain more fiber than pulp. 

Orange peels were very highly valued when first cultivated. The peels were often used for essential oils. Orange peels were also frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are packed full of enzymes, and phyto-nutrients. The peels are most commonly used as teas and added to flavor drinks. 

Lemon Peels have the all familiar bright, citrus smell and flavor. Lemon peels are high in vitamin C. They are commonly used in teas, and can be used to add aroma and flavor to any recipe. 

Elderberries are from the flowering plant. They have a rich history of use in Indigenous medicine and have been used in ancient Egypt as well. The berries are very tart and need to be cooked before ingesting. They are high in vitamin C and fiber.