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Louisiana Heat Hot Sauce (250-MG)

The spicy vinegar taste of back home infused with Hemp,

This cool heat will make ya move to the music of Zydeco.

This original recipe was created with flavor and Louisiana heat in mind. “Now shake ya some, and enjoy”! (250-MG) Hemp per bottle.

Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250MG)

Sticky and cool Bayou Glaze is an experience for the taste buds. This Glaze will make any main dish a family favorite. (250-MG) Hemp per bottle.

New Orleans Nights Spicy BBQ Sauce (250-MG)

Spice and bold sweet heat, just like the music on Bourbon Street. This is our flag ship sauce and is award winning. The marriage of taste and hemp is oh so good! (250-MG) Hemp per bottle.

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