Bloom hemp CDB oil

Bloom hemp CDB oil

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Essential Recovery Tincture

The leading cause of most ailments starts with excess inflammation in the body. Our recovery tincture takes some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients in the world and combines them into one super charged anti-inflammation supplement with CBG and hemp oil extract.

CBD- 1200 mgs
CBG- 100 mgs 

Proprietary Bloom Terpene Blend: A-Pinene, Terpinolene, Linalool, Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene

This powerful hemp oil tincture is the one we are most excited about here at Bloom. Turmeric, ginger, black seed (cumin), and hemp oil extract individually are potent anti-inflammatories in their own right but combining them to create a super elixir like no other. The blend of turmeric, ginger, and black seed has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to assist with pain relief and chronic pain. They would gather these roots and seeds, mash them together, and then dry them out for use in teas for people in need of relief. By extracting the essential oils from these plants, we are able to control the serving sizes to measure out the perfect amount of potency for each use. Then, to top it all off, we use one of the best bioavailability enhancers on the market, Bioperine, a pepper extract that maximizes the uptake of these ingredients and speeds up the relief process.


  • Take half a pipette (about .5ml) 2-4x daily
  • Drop the oil under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing
  • Like any other supplement, consistency is the key to getting your desired results (use daily for best results)
  • Store at room temperature out of the way of any sources of light or heat


We use sprouted hemp seed oil for all of our Bloom Essential’s tinctures due to its increase in bioavailability of omegas and vitamins. To get a sprouted seed, the seed must first go through a process called germination. This germinating process breaks down some of the starch, which makes the percentage of nutrients higher. It also breaks down phytate, a form of phytic acid that normally decreases absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. So sprouted grains have more available nutrients than mature grains. Those nutrients include folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and protein.

Turmeric is one of nature’s best natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Our turmeric has been pressed and extracted to potentiate its effects. With high curcuminoid counts, this ingredient really sets the bar high for its pain relief attributes.

Being used for centuries as a natural remedy for ailments such as nerve pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, and other pain-relieving elements, ginger consists of compounds that function similarly as COX-2 inhibitors. These COX-2 Inhibitors are used in modern-day pain relief drugs. What makes Ginger such a great ingredient for inflammation is collecting phenolic compounds, the most well-known being Gingerol, that have research showing promising results for reducing inflammation.

Black seed, or black cumin seed, is an ingredient we had to include in our Essential Pain relief tincture. Antioxidants are crucial for your diet when fighting inflammation. Black seed oil is rich in thymoquinone, which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s no wonder why herbalists and naturopaths lean heavily on this ingredient when dealing with patients looking for pain relief.

Bioperine is a Sabinsa trademarked, 95% piperine extract. Piperine is the active compound found in Black pepper. This is truly an incredible ingredient and a little goes a long way. Backed by science, this ingredient helps increase the function and bioavailability of our other herbs and botanicals making our Pain Relief tincture one of the most unique and effective hemp products on the market.

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