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September is pain awareness month

 The National Pain Strategy calls fora greater understanding of the impact of comorbid conditions on pain and how pain may contribute to overall health. It also addresses the need to eliminate the stigma often associated with chronic pain, and to improve access for vulnerable groups to high-quality pain care. Additionally, the Federal Pain Research Strategy is a roadmap for science to achieve the goals of the National Pain Strategy. It identified age, sex, gender, racial/ethnic, and socioeconomic differences in pain and includes several priorities acknowledging that diverse populations have unique experiences with pain and pain care. September is Pain Awareness Month -- and NIH is Listening | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

How does CBD help with pain

There has, been an increasing body of evidence for the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic, noncancer pain. The efficacy of a topically delivered cannabidiol (CBD) oil in the management of neuropathic pain was examined in this four-week, randomized and placebo controlled trial.

Our findings demonstrate that the transdermal application of CBD oil can achieve significant improvement in pain and other disturbing sensations in patients with peripheral neuropathy. The treatment product was well tolerated and may provide a more effective alternative compared to other current therapies in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. The Effectiveness of Topical Cannabidiol Oil in Symptomatic Relief of Peripheral Neuropathy of the Lower Extremities - PubMed (

We have and always will be an advocate for self awareness and education. there are over 30,000 studies on the benefits of CBD. the links above offer a base for the information listed here in its entirety.