CBD Beverages


    CBD beverages are a great way to take in your daily dose of Cannabinoids throughout the day.

    How is a CBD Beverage different than other methods of taking CBD?

    We are more familiar with CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD creams, gel, salves etc. However, CBD Coffee, Tea, Carbonated drinks and Powdered drink sticks are growing popularity. The earthy taste of Hemp doesn't taste that great alone, why not combine it with the flavors of Columbian blend coffee or the warm spices of a spiced chai tea. this way its more palatable and is accompanied with and experience for your taste buds. 

    CBD Tea

    We carry a wide variety of CBD tea crafted that Helps maintain normal emotional balance and a sense of relaxation. Many infused with fruity antioxidants and beneficial adaptogens. Available in single serve tea bags and 3 count tea bags.

    Each tea bag makes up to 3 cups of tea.

    CBD Coffee

    We offer CBD infused coffee grounds from beans from Columbia, Burundi and a Mexico Blend.  

    Make the switch to a CBD beverage Today!

    At new Season Wellness all of our products are researched and used by our staff to ensure that we are providing you the best quality ingredients. All the Hemp derived CBD we offer is Grown in the US, is legal and 3rd party lab tested.  We are on a mission to educate our community about the benefits of cannabinoids and are happy to answer any questions you may Have. 

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