Does CBD Help Make Sex Better? 3 ways to add CBD to date night💖

Does CBD make sex better?

The stress and anxiety in the current work culture has taken a toll on us all but have you noticed a change in your and your partners sex life? REMEDY REVIEW’S article explains how this issue goes far beyond simply not being “in the mood,” with 54% of high-stress partners feeling the effects of work stress on their sex life. Our data shows that stressed workers (and their partners) are far less happy overall with their sex life: 🤦🏾‍♂️High-stress partners were 23 percentage points less likely to be satisfied with their sex life than low-stress partners. 

As a result of this stress do you ever find yourself over thinking before during or after a sexual encounter or feeling a bit overwhelmed with uncertainty? Thinking things like………

  • Will I be judged for sharing my fantasy?
  • Will my partner be offended if I say I don’t like that position?
  • What can I do to get in the mood?
  • I don’t feel sexy.
  • Did my partner like when I did that?

These thoughts cand be a distraction can often time hinder our ability to have a good time sexually. May we suggest adding CBD to your date night💖

 3 Ways to Incorporate CBD into your Date Night💖

Step 1: As an icebreaker to get the night off to a great start, feed your partner half of a Patsy’s chocolate🍫 as an intimate gesture. You eating the other half allows you and your partner to be more present while also quieting your minds.

Step 2: Prepare a foot soak with a CBD Bath Bomb🛀🏾, after the foot soak you can massage their feet with a CBD vanilla massage oil. The massage helps to facilitate the physical touch needed to help engage in love making while relaxing away tension

Step 3: Now with CBD in your system, apply the water base personal lubricant and allow yourself to be present in the moment. Remember to pay attention to your partner listening for indications of enjoyment. Stay in the moment and enjoy

Valentine's Day is this weekend, give CBD a try and let us know how thing went in the comments. For more information about CBD and Sex, check out this great article: Can CBD Make Sex Better? Here's What the Experts Say

It's a New Season, Be Well🌿


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