Can CBD help with Post workout Recovery

Can CBD help with Post workout Recovery


When we exercise and push our muscles to the limit, those muscle fibers become inflamed. This muscle soreness – often referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

The microscopic damage we do to our muscles in the process of our workout routine causes the body to go into a response to help heal.  This is when we grab for that typical bottle of over-the-counter products. Now with more plant-based options like CBD products, more are looking into what it could potentially do for them.

Erin Kelly of GQ magazine writes that there are several reasons that athletes choose CBD to be a part of their routine: from performance and routine or recovery efforts and as a plant-based alternative to over-the-counter choices.

Just ask google and you'll find more athletes and personal trainers who talk about the positive effects of CBD. More and more, daily, are sharing their love of CBD for others to learn more about.

 If you’re new to CBD, there are many options when looking for a product that works for you. New Season Wellness prides itself on offering the best brands in the industry

Where should you start?

Many who are new to trying CBD have found that they enjoy the simple, targeted application of a topically applied product. Easily applied, CBD applications are a great way to hit specific areas. Normal Soreness can be quickly and easily reached with the right balm or freeze gel. Many who are new to CBD like to start with a topical cream as it helps them to get to know the compound without worrying about CBD entering the bloodstream, as topical creams and balms work specifically in the area that they are applied to.

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